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Born in Vietnam, Rhum Mia is made in a Rhum Agricole style, using ROC16 sugarcane variety from Tien Giang province. The sugarcane is cut, clean, pressed for juice extraction before being vacuum packed in small Bag-in-Boxes. This step being made in order to avoid that any fermentation starts after the harvest is done.
Then we receive the juice at the distillery to start the fermentation in-house during 5 days. In order to obtain a sugarcane wine ready for distillation.
Distillation from “LULU” (our distilling column) is processed to have a 78% Alcohol Content which will mature for 8 months in traditional Vietnamese ceramic vat called “Chum”.
Finally we operate a “reduction”(in French) which consists of lowering down the ABV% to 45, the final Alcohol content for Rhum Mia. That operation needs 2 months to be made through twice a day water addition’s.

Rhum Mia can now be bottled and labelled to be tasted end enjoyed!


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